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BURGER KING®– Hourly Shift Coordinator


You’re ready for a job that sizzles with potential. That’s because a BK® restaurant leadership position is more than a job – it’s an opportunity. A chance to see what you’re made of, be challenged, and take hold of your future. And with enough time, training and experience, you’ll have the tools to take that next step towards making it big.





  • Responsible for restaurant operations during assigned shifts, including opening & closing restaurant

  • Provides production direction to team members in a clear and concise way

  • Sets an example for team members by working hard to implement shift plan and ensure swift and smooth production

  • Delegates in a way that encourages team to work together during shift to ensure the restaurant operates to company standards

  • Demonstrates patience and a positive attitude with team

  • Motivates team members to exceed customer expectations with food and friendly service in clean surroundings

  • Works with team to act on customer feedback and resolve customer complaints in a timely, friendly and professional manner

  • Directs, trains and motivates team members during shift on each of the workstations

  • Adheres to compliance of government regulations, Market Policy, food safety, National Security Policy, operations and policies and procedures relating to all activities in the restaurant during the shift

  • Takes initiative to immediately report violations of safety, sanitation or security policies to restaurant management and perform short-term solutions

  • Motivates team members to comply with loss control procedures and to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and other team members

  • Completes checklists and procedures for cash reporting, inventory control, and scheduling during shift




Minimum Qualifications:


  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age

  • High school diploma or GED



*Note that the responsibilities and qualifications listed above are for positions at restaurants owned or operated by Burger King Corporation. Job descriptions, compensation, benefits and other employment terms and conditions applicable to positions at independent franchised BURGER KING® Restaurants will vary and are determined solely by the Franchisee.


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